Wild Pages is run by two bookbinders/poets/explorers, Amber and Raja.

We began our journey as bookbinders about 10 years ago, hand-binding books on the floor of our efficiency apartment in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Since then, we have honed our craft, always drawing from our love of the written word. We have sold at farmer’s markets and art fairs and local retailers.

In the spring of 2019, we opened out own retail space in the historic Gossard Building in Ishpeming, MI.


Hand-bound matters because our choices matter—all of them.

Of course, hand-bound books are better made. They are sturdier, they are flexible, and can be made to the end user’s specifications. They are meant to last for a very long time.

But more important than these reasons, hand-bound books are made by a person and that act is an act against disposable culture. A person is behind each cut and fold and stitch. Hands tie every knot. Each tiny step on the journey from paper to book is made attention and intention.

As writers as well as bookbinders, we know how much attention and intention matter. We know how we feel different when we write in one of our hand-bound journals compared to how we feel when we write in a spiral-bound notebook from a big-box store. Sure, both get the job done. But any artist can tell you the journey matters as much as the destination Let Wild Pages come along with you.