Back-to-School Season!

Yesterday, it happened. I woke before my alarm to a cold, autumnal breeze coming in through the screen, tinged with the scent of damp leaves. U.P. summers are so short and sweet, but by mid-July, I am already longing for autumn. This morning, I left the window open and pulled on another blanket before going back to sleep.

I know it is only August 1st. I know. Fall isn’t here yet, and it might not be for another six weeks or so. But the nights have begun to dip down into the 40s, and that’s enough for a taste. And even though I haven’t been a student for many years, I still feel the familiar bone-deep call of blackboards and three-paragraph essays.

That’s right: it’s back-to-school season! As a kid, I considered this to be the fifth season—and the best. I would start planning my supplies list in late June and refine it again and again until my family finally went to the store a week before school resumed. My mom would drag me through the clothing department, and I would rush, picking out a few plain T-shirts and a couple pairs of jeans (pretty much the stuff that fills my closet to this day). And then we’d get to the stationery.

Oh, the stationery. Long before I was a bookmaker, I would stock up on spiral-bound notebooks each September, graduating to composition notebooks in college. A box of wood-cased pencils. A few pens. A pack of highlighters that I was never organized enough to use. Folders—the kind that would go on sale for 10 cents every fall, a different bright color for each class. I would carry my haul home and stare at it admiringly until I filled my school desk with it. It isn’t much of a surprise that I now own a shop where I am putting up those sale signs myself.

Wild Pages is having its first Back-to-School sale starting today and running through Saturday, August 10. You will find reasonable prices on backpacks, lunch bags, and all the school supplies you could imagine. It’s basically paradise for my ten-year-old self. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates!

Consider supporting a local, independent store with your shopping this season. It makes all the difference for your community—and each time I get to put a new treasure out on the shelf for you, I get to pretend, just a little bit, that I am still a student, and that brand new pack of highlighters is just for me.

Amber Edmondson